The Untold


I would like to propose the concept of a ‘refuge’ a place of protection and shelter, with particular reference to cultural diversity, in the context of suburban garden design in Britain Today.

With the impact of migration and immigration in the UK from the past to the present, the concept of ‘refuge’ will be familiar to a diverse range of people living in Britain today. A place of refuge in your own garden can be a special place, where it is possible to do what you want, how you want, with no rules, no differences, your own little world and space. It allows you to ponder, remember and escape. Through imagination and fantasy you can invent and re-create. It can be a place of storage, a collector’s heaven, or a place of hidden secrets and desires.

The place of ‘refuge’ that I have chosen is a single berth caravan that will be become a travelling installation. On the plot at the MoDA Museum, the caravan would have flowers, vegetables, herbs and spices leading up to it, which will grow during the period of the show.

Creative Commons License © Julia Dennis

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