Little Worlds

At the Beormund Primary School , “Little Worlds”, was delivered as a 12 week art project, in a one hour session each week, by the artists Julia Dennis and Alison Bickmore .

The project was made up a series of one-hour weekly creative tasks that would systematically build towards a completed project. Pupils were encouraged to create their own little worlds, where they could place gathered objects from home, outside home or make from their imagination. Their personal collections and creations were placed inside medium sized plastic storage boxes. What, how and where the objects were placed was very much pupil led, the artists being more facilitators during the workshops. Their constructions revealed secret desires, story telling, dreams, and memories; objects often containing very personal associations and meaning.

Pupils began with a group drawing session in pastels, crayons and ink; followed by more independent work developing into very personal wonder worlds. A mixed media approach was applied, utilizing both organic and non-organic materials, i.e. a mix of twigs, cork, clay, plastering, string, plastics and paint. Techniques included 3D technology, 2D surface print, and some ICT skills on the computer and scanner. A small mix of Literacy and Numerical skills were explored, in the form of measuring, screwing and cutting; a few students also incorporated language and text into their artwork.

Creative Commons License © Julia Dennis

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