The Feast of St. George

‘The Feast of St George’ was an art workshop at Trafalgar Square. Using range of visual aids of English food past & present alongside a choice of pre-designed dinner plate settings ie. plate, knife, fork, salt & pepper etc. outlined on paper, these where laminated later for the public to take away. Arranged ready for the public to individually design on the tables with art materials, guided by London Art Portfolio staff and supported the public’s inspiration, ideas and enrichment during this visually splendorous event.

LAP taking visual reference of this days event ie, of individual visual outcomes and the interaction between the public and its location. The aim was to select and organise a future public exhibition.

Getting ready for a feast for St George’s Day these where the aims of the event;
– Design a place mat reflecting English food, culture and history!
– Design your own plate, dish, knife & fork on sight to celebrate this grand day.
– Create your personal design using lots of colour in felt tips and collage. This will then be laminated afterwards ready for home as a memory of St George’s Day.

Creative Commons License © Julia Dennis

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